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Overview and Aims

Welcome to Former Family. This is my genealogy site tracing my family history.
My primary research is centered on the surnames of Ayles, Barnes, Cobb, Dale, Doust, Newton, Reid & Swanborough, which are the surnames of my great grandparents.

You will find various transcriptions of Civil registration certificates, Census returns and any other relevant records, under the records section. These will be added to as I gain more certificates and records.

To avoid any confusion, I have always referred to people by the names with which they were born. you will find that married women are listed under their maiden surnames. This is especially noticeable on transcribed death certificates, where the name in the index is the maiden name while the certificate transcription carries the married name (exactly as transcribed from the certificate).

The Name Index contains the surnames of every person I have come across during my research. Many of these names are unconnected with my own research but have appeared on Census returns and Other records alongside the people whom i was looking for. I have created information pages on the people who I am directly interested in, but listed the others in less detail just in case they filled in the missing parts of anybody else's research.

At present the Chart section only contains my pedigree chart. In most cases the name in the chart will link straight to the relevant persons information page. I hope to add more chart types at a later date.

In order to respect the privacy of people that are still very much with us, I have withheld many details about them on this site. But I see no wrong in providing details of my family members that are no longer here

I am hoping that this site will allow people to access my research in the hope that we are researching the same lines. It may even inspire somebody else to take up the challenge of tracing their ancestors. I hope to be able to put all of my research on here and also share links and sources of information that I have found helpful.

If you wish to contact me regarding anything on this site then please feel free to do so, using the contact page. I do read my e-mail most days so hopefully will respond to you as soon as possible.



I have not had much time to carry out any research in the past year or so due to moving house and other things going on, but I thought I would try and do a quick update on the site. I have also received some good pointers through this web site on my Ayles line (can now go back another generation) and also some good advice on trying to track down the birth certificate of my great grandmother, Ma Victoria Swanborough.

Surname List

The surnames listed below have all appeared in my family history research.

In some cases there may be only one individual with the listed surname.
The surnames shown in red are my primary research lines.

To see a list of all names that I have come across during my research please
Click Here.

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